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    Webdev Bookmarks I Keep Coming Back To Back to blog

    bookmarkProgramming is very memory intensive. For computers, it’s…well, you know, there’s a memory usage pun there. As a programmer, you not only have to keep ephemeral versions of your projects in your head, but knowledge of all the languages and tools you use as well. We take it for granted, but it really is a lot of information when you think about it.

    That said, I am so thankful for bookmarks. Here are the ones that I keep coming back to, either as reference, memory refresher, or as utilities.

    CSS Tricks: A Guide to Flexbox
    I love flexbox, but I’ll admit that I don’t use it enough to have its rules 100% in mind. This CSS Tricks guide is incredibly efficient at reminding me exactly what I need to know to get a flexbox grid set up.

    Curious Concept JSON Validator
    Sometimes when you’re working with a lot of JSON, which is very strict about its format, it becomes difficult to know where a problem lies when you have one. Did I forget a quote somewhere? Did I not escape something? There are many tools for JSON validation, but this one is the best for my purposes.

    MicroJS is a listing of tiny libraries that solve common problems. Sometimes jQuery or React are too bloated for your needs, and you’ll find several tiny alternatives here. I’ll be honest, though, I’m usually just looking for inspiration on how to solve my own problems by looking at a 2kb library’s solution rather than sifting through a 100kb multi-file nightmare.

    You Might Not Need jQuery
    I use jQuery a lot–it makes many things that I do easier. I feel its important to also recognize that jQuery doesn’t do some unattainable magic. It’s just straight JavaScript that you can do yourself. Why load 83kb of jQuery when you can do what you need in a few lines of vanilla JS? This site will show you how.

    DeSalasWorks: Javascript Performance Techniques
    This article is an amazing list of things you can do to improve not only your code performance, but its health as well. I return to it every now and then to remind myself of the good advice the author gives.

    W3Schools CSS Reference
    Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s easy to hate on W3Schools, but the fact is that if I need a simple, easy to read, easy to traverse CSS reference, this page is it. Of course, if I need something in-depth, I’ll go to Mozilla or wherever else; but for everyday questions like “wait, what order does the ‘background’ rule go in again?” it’s pretty efficient.

    Bonus Bookmark!

    NOAA CONUS Radar Loop
    I used to work at the Air Force Weather Agency, and one of the tools I picked up there was this beauty. No, it’s not as informationally dense as WUnderground or other weather sites, but if you’re planning a day out, this will tell you what the clouds are going to look like. You can see with your own eyes where the clouds are, where they’re going, and how heavy they are, as well as understand better how the weather works in your area.



    Addama Sanders
    Lead Developer

    Addama Sanders
    Lead Developer

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