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    Too Much Negativity Back to blog

    angryLately, I’ve been noticing a sinister trend among my friends and nearly everywhere online: overt negativity. About everything. Now, I’m known for my somewhat less than sweet demeanor, but the one thing I try not to be is negative.

    Say, for example, a new expansion for your favorite MMO comes out. For most games an expansion is met with an immediate and irrevocable expression of negativity from the player community, decrying all of the “bad” decisions made, demanding more/less/different, and threatening to leave the game if their opinions are not acknowledged. Somehow this new thing that a team of people spent potentially years creating is suddenly the worst possible thing in the universe. The same happens with movies, new games, books, TV series, and just about all media.

    The problem with this, aside from the rampant whiny entitlement on display, is that this negativity seeps into your everyday life. It gives you stress you wouldn’t already have. It shadows new experiences before you’ve even had a chance to form an opinion. When your default mode is to complain, to exaggerate, to demand, to threaten, how will you ever be happy? How long before that affects your work, your relationships?
    Ditch the negativity for a happier life. If you approach new things with a neutral, open-minded mindset and you still come away negative, that’s fine. Just don’t let it define you.


    Addama Sanders
    Lead Developer

    Addama Sanders
    Lead Developer

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