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    The Top Three Ways to Obtain New Clients Back to blog

    At Tiger Sheep, we service a wide array of clients. From big, to small, to everything in between. Here are my top three ways to obtain new clients.



    1. Cold Calling
    Whoever said the cold call is dead is lying to you. There are more phones on the planet than there are people, and every single person you speak to carries one. I still find this the best way to get in touch with folks. When cold calling, I consistently ask for a potential client’s phone number and best method of contact (call, text, email), and I give myself permission to be persistent. We will close a lot of amazing deals this year, from one source, COLD CALLS. Utilize this tool for your business also, it’s personal, it’s fun, and your clients will be impressed you did it.

    2. Trade shows
    What better way to find qualified and targeted clients than at trade shows. We try to attend one trade show per month. We capture many introductions, build a database of prospects, and collect cards like they’re going out of business. The art is in the follow-up but trade show days can be action-packed with business discussion. Stroke a customers ego by asking what they do, and truly listen, smile, take notes, and remember to follow up. This is also an affordable way to prospect, as many trade shows have nominal fees to attend.

    3. Referrals
    What we sell at Tiger Sheep can be tough to explain; your product might be tough to explain as well, but once you’ve got your pitch down to a T, build a team of advocates. This could be your neighborhood bookkeeper, a business to business vendor, or your personal network. Tell every single person you know about what you do, and let them know that you live off referrals (whether you do or not). This plants a seed in people’s minds that might make them think, “Hey, I ¬†know someone that could use your services!” Referrals are beautiful for business growth because they are usually qualified, understanding, and will buy. Always, always, always ask for the referral.

    These are a few tools we utilize here at Tiger Sheep, but you can do this anywhere, in any line of business. Cold calls, trade shows, referrals–now go get business.

    Cheers to your success!


    Justin Howe
    Sales Manager

    Justin Howe
    Sales Manager

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