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    The Real World of Software Sales Back to blog

    tshirtWhat’s it truly like to work in software sales?
    Many people think that software sales translates to three-piece suits, headsets, and shiny shoes. Not at all! The software salesman is the most easy going, jeans-and-tee-shirt guy you’ll ever meet. In fact, a great software salesman could look exactly like the CEO of that one company we all know and love in a plain white tee and Levis.
    Come to our office and it’s literally a playground. Yeah, we are focused, determined, and everything else you’d expect from a successful office, but we have FUN. Software sales can be scary . . . long days of calling, deals that make it or don’t, and no floor of income until you make the sale. It can also be the most rewarding career in the world, with coffee shop meetings, webinars from Florida beaches, and the ability to work whenever you please. It’s vacation with an income.
    There’s nothing I would rather do. I have fun, I make a happy living, and I work from my phone. More than anything, I take care of happy clients. Software sales is the best!

    Justin Howe
    Sales Manager

    Justin Howe
    Sales Manager

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