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    candyCandy Clicker Evolution: Then and Now
    Period 1:  C#
    The Beginning of the Journey


    What’s this, you say? This is a junior developer’s journey into creating a clicker game through different mediums – C#, C# with XAML, and GameMaker.

    It all started when I was 18 and naïve. I had very little experience in C++, and was told to create a clicker game that had at least two resources. I had to use C# for this project. Being the overachiever that I thought I could be, I ended up starting a game with three resources instead. I’d never even touched C# before, and I was already making a game like this? I could barely understand how to create a heads or tails type game yet!




    May 27, 2015
    Game: Candy Factory
    Time Today: 3 hours


    The game is set up to start as a clicker, then move on to becoming a factory game once the user thinks it’s okay to leave the clicking job to an auto-clicker. At first the user is only able to pick up Candy Dust, but will unlock Chocolate Chips after a certain quest. This will also unlock the items needed to make chocolate-based items.

    Mini-quests will be implemented to obtain items that aren’t candy in order to create items (such as almonds for a truffle, or a cherry for a cherry-filled truffle). Mini quests are designed to require larger amounts of a certain item, or to add an item after a certain amount of completions to make the game scales a little better with the auto-click feature.

    After a while the user will unlock special recipes such as cakes, cupcakes, and sculptures, which will be the items needed to complete a collection. The main goal of the game is to complete collections. If Candy Factory were ever to expand there would be seasonal collections as well.




    Now, that was an entry I made nearly a year ago. And within that year, I’ve made a lot of changes to the game! It keeps the feel of a clicker game, but is now much more simplified and easier to catch onto. The Candy Dust and Chocolate Chips remain, but the quests will be completely removed, and the difficulty of the collections will be raised.

    What’s the new goal of the game? To collect all of the collectibles and win the infamous Medal of Amazingness!

    There will still be special items that will be required to make Chocolate Chip-related items, but the way to obtain them will be completely different than what it was going to be initially: you’ll have to defeat the evil chocolate gnomes that come to destroy your land in order to obtain the special ingredients. Yes, this is a clicker game, but it won’t be a game that you can just leave on for hours and hope to win in a few days.

    Now, those pesky little gnomes may not be the only things lurking around the land of Sweetsville . . . .

    Leesha Laforteza
    Junior Developer

    Leesha Laforteza
    Junior Developer

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