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    I’m often asked what I do for a living, to which I reply that I work as a product support specialist. My answer is usually met by a confused smile and some follow up questions. Some people have job titles that are self-descriptive, but that’s not the case for me, so let me walk you through a normal day in the life of a product support specialist, so that you may better understand the nature of my work.

    sap-b1-logo1I am in charge of three tasks: providing SAP Business One (B1) support to our clients, the creation of Crystal Reports, and finally the creation of SAP B1 video tutorials for our online library.

    What does it mean to provide SAP B1 support? It can mean lots of things! Most recently, I’ve been training our clients on how to use SAP B1. Every once in a while I’ll have to set up new user accounts and define the proper system authorizations for those users. More often than not, I have to answer questions relating to financial documents, like how to reconcile customer balances or simply correcting documents that were entered incorrectly. If you have SAP B1 questions, chances are that I have an answer. If I don’t, then it’s simply a matter of asking the boss, John-Michael Davis, and he always has the answer.

    Writing Crystal Reports consumes the majority of my time. That’s because in most cases I have to carefully design, write, and test SQL queries or stored procedures before I can even start the report on Crystal. The complexity of the report is another factor that determines how long a report will take to complete. A report that must comply with governmental guidelines will naturally take a lot longer than simple purchasing report.

    Clients who are subscribed to Business One Training often request that I make a video tutorial outlining a specific task in SAP B1 or Crystal Reports. When I’m not fulfilling client requests I work on expanding our Spanish video library, or expanding video content on Crystal Reports.

    A typical day for me can include any or all of the tasks outlined above. More often than not, the work comes in waves. For example, there may be months where I spend most of my time providing client support, while in some months, I spend the majority of my time working on Crystal Reports. That may sound like a lot to handle, but the variety in my day to day activities is one my favorite aspects about working at Tiger Sheep.

    Victor Rodriguez
    Support Lead

    Victor Rodriguez
    Support Lead

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